Ringhorne East Field

Ringhorne Øst is a field in the central part of the North Sea, six kilometres northeast of the Balder field. The water depth is 130 metres. Ringhorne Øst was discovered in 2003, and the plan for development and operation (PDO) was approved in 2005. The field is developed with four production wells drilled from the Ringhorne wellhead platform. The production started in 2006.

Ringhorne Øst produces oil with associated gas from Jurassic sandstone in the Statfjord Group. The reservoir is at a depth of 1940 metres and has very good quality. The field is in its tail production phase. A new infill well is planned to be drilled. Ringhorne Øst will also benefit from an amended PDO for Balder and Ringhorne that was approved in 2020. Field lifetime will be prolonged, and production can benefit from increased capacity in the area.