Kistos plc operates a number of exploration and production licenses in the Netherlands, with primary focus on the producing asset, Q10-A, located in production licenses Q07/Q10a.

The table below sets out Kistos’ licence interests, all of which are operated, along with our joint venture partner, Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN), who hold the remaining 40% working interest.

Licence Type Location Working Interest Operator
Q07 Production Offshore 60% Kistos NL2 B.V.
Q10a Production Offshore 60% Kistos NL2 B.V.
Q10b Exploration Offshore 60% Kistos NL2 B.V.
Q11 Exploration Offshore 60% Kistos NL2 B.V.
Q08 Exploration Offshore 60% Kistos NL2 B.V.
P12b Exploration Offshore 60% Kistos NL2 B.V.
Q13c Exploration Offshore 60% Kistos NL2 B.V.
Q14 Exploration Offshore 60% Kistos NL2 B.V.
M10a/M11 Exploration Offshore 60% Kistos NL1 B.V.
Akkrum -11 Abandoned Onshore 60% Kistos NL1 B.V.
Donkerbroek – Main Abandoned Onshore 60% Kistos NL1 B.V.
Donkerbroek – West Abandoned Onshore 60% Kistos NL1 B.V.



Q10-A Field:

The Q10-A gas field lies 20km offshore the Netherlands, straddling the Q07/Q10a production licences. Q10-A was appraised by well Q10-06 which was drilled in 2015 into the Q10-A structure up-dip of the Q10-02 well. A final investment decision was taken in January 2018 to develop the field through a remotely operated, unmanned platform with six well-slots in water depth of 21m. Commercial gas production was achieved in February 2019, exporting through a dedicated 42km pipeline to the third party P15-D platform where it is processed before onward transportation to shore. The field produces from four different reservoirs; the Slochteren, Zechstein Clastics, Zechstein Carbonate and the Bunter (also known as the Volpriehausen) being the shallowest.

The produced gas from Q10-A boasts industry-leading carbon emissions credentials, principally due to the design of the platform, which is powered through wind and solar generation whilst battery storage is built to store excess power for times when there is a shortage of generation capacity. Offshore visits are kept to a minimum and are conducted solely by boat, rather than helicopter, reducing the environmental footprint of our operations.


Q11-B Discovery:

The Q11-B discovery is located in the licence block Q11, c. 13km offshore. The gas field was discovered in 1969, and an appraisal well was drilled during 2022. Whilst the primary target was found to be wet, Kistos continues to evaluate the potential for a smaller development of the secondary reservoirs.

Kistos also holds operated interests in the Q10b block, where the Q10-B discovery is located, as well as a high-ranking prospect; Q10-Gamma. The company continues to evaluate these opportunities for both appraisal and exploration, respectively.

Licence blocks Q08, P12b, Q13 and Q14 are exploration licences, of which the latter three were recently awarded to Kistos NL2 B.V. The company intends to evaluate the prospectivity of this acreage in order to high-grade the top exploration opportunities for future potential work programmes.



The M10/M11 fields are located offshore the Netherlands, close to the Wadenzee area.

The M10a and M11 licences are estimated to contain technically recoverable 2C resources (net) of 31.7 Mmboe. Following a successful renewal of the licence to 2028, Kistos in the process of applying for appraisal well permits and is engaging closely with the local municipalities and stakeholders prior to commencing any assessment phase planning work.